The term advocates in UAE are often mentioned the advocates in UAE, lawyers in UAE, lawyers in Dubai, Dubai Lawyers or Abu Dhabi Lawyers also . On one hand in UAE you'll find the lawyers with extreme competence and proficiency on the opposite hand you'll also find the lawyers with highly incompetent and inexperience background. Many lawyers are Arabic speaking, and this provides anextra edge to them as they'll easily impress the parties with the strong command on their language, particularly expatriates. The associates of the are providing services to the natives also on the expatriates altogether different categories of lawsuits.

Some of them are as follow

Labor and Employment Law

Labor and employment law are the backbone of each economic sector. The security of rights to the labor and employer develops the financial system, where both the parties are liable to obey to the provisions given by the law, formulated by the administration of UAE. The associate lawyers of offersservices to the labor in Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. the supply of the services to the grieved party includeSalary issues, Forced resignation, unlawful termination or illegal dismissals, Drafting of employment contracts

Employment Visa issuance, cancellations and Renewal, Human rights protection


Criminal Law

Criminal Law in UAE has been formulated in accordance to the Shariah. For such sorts of cases also, provides the services to the residents and expatriates of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain. It caters the cases associated with forgery, human rights violation, breach of trust, sexual assault and finical cases. The leading teams of associate lawyers of make sure the complainant to file the suit in accordance to the legal code s of UAE and help them in pursuance of their rights as per the criminal law, in police inquiries also judicial declarations.

Family law

This is particularly implemented to raise a perfect society, family structure. As per latest statistics, the number of family disputes, and clashes are increasing. offer services to the clients having issues regarding marriage, divorce, child custody, child protection, surrogacy, property inheritance and number of other such cases with the assistance of their associates. The team of leading associate lawyers caters the clients Family conflicts and resolves them in accordance to the faith and custom the plaintiff belongs to. Moreover, they believe the amicable settlement of the situations may it's done through arbitration or under Family Law.

Debt Recovery Services:

For the neatest and fastest debt recovery, the expert team of associate lawyers of is 24/7 engaged within the tedious job of debt collection, to form the recovery possible within the quickest way. The debt collection services cover the subsequent sort of economic transactions:
1.         Unpaid / bounced cheques
2.         Unpaid / overdue salaries
3.         Unpaid installments on loans
4.         Credit cards recovery and far more.

Property Law:

The expert team of associate lawyers of uaedebtcollection.comis well versed with Property law of UAE. We deal within the cases associated with sale / purchase of property, transfer deeds, ownership, development, possession, taxations, tenancy, rents and various others. The skilled associate lawyers are profoundly conscious of the market trends also because the property law, therefore guide the clients within the most adept manner.

The entire UAE law has been perfectly shaped up by the Govt of UAE, catering each aspect of the socio-economic implications. The associate lawyers of strictly adhere to the judicial jurisdictions imposed by the law of UAE and supply the services to clients with utmost proficiency and expertise.

Advocates in UAE