Like any other law in UAE labor law has its own significance. Our Labor lawyers in Dubai, also known as employment lawyers, offer legal representation with regards to cases related to day to day workplace disputes or any claimed to be wrongful activity. Our legal associates deal with most common types of labor laws cases includes unjustified termination, redundancy, gratuity and benefits, compensation of workers, discrimination at workplace by employers, issues related to environment prevailing at workplace or health and safety issues. As understood by the word “labor” it clearly makes sense that labor law has been created to serve the uniform purpose i.e. protect the employee’s rights and define their responsibilities and rights. Our legal attorneys are working with fundamental and key functions of labor laws in UAE to provide equal opportunity and pay by removing discrimination by employers, physical health and mental well-being of employees and safety and diversity at workplace.

We, being a legal associate, ensure you that employers are embracing the structure that labor laws provide to make sure that their operations are complying with federal laws in Dubai. Taking help of Labor laws prevailing in Dubai provides protection applicants and employees with equal access to employment opportunities and fair/unbiased treatment at their workplace. Further, Labors laws in Dubai forbids any discrimination or disparate treatment established on the factors that are not even related to the job requirements. If you are facing any of the above troubles at your workplace, our labor associates will furnish complete legal support.

Our Labor lawyers in Dubai have a proficiency to represent both employees and employers in a dispute and help employees by regularly advising them on all areas of laws to achieve consideration and equal opportunities at workplace regardless of their age, gender, color, disability, national origin, race or religion.

The equal pay act 1963, included in labor laws, functions to ensure that payment of equity is made. As per this act the employers are forbidden to establish different pay scales or to use distinct compensation practices established on employee’s gender, although all the  employees are on equal footing as they are performing the same duty which requires equal effort and hence have the similar responsibility. For example if there are two account managers one is male and other is female they should be equally compensated provided they are bearing the equal responsibility.

Our competent labor lawyers in Dubai  will protect your rights to engage in concreted activity. As per labor Law in Dubai there is prohibition for the employers to interfere with employees’ rights with regards to pursue for better working conditions as a self-directed group of workers and with regard we consider it our moral and professional obligation to maintain a holistic and objective approach through constant communication with our clients to serve them in their best interest.. Our team of professional human resources experts ensures that employees cannot be compelled for engaging in any concreted activity and we also work on removing employment discrimination built on union membership.


 It is mandatory for employers to provide a safe working environment with specific emphasis on workplace safety where employees can be subjected to hazardous material, complex machinery and dangerous conditions prevailing. The safety and health act of 1970 has enforced this as employer’s duty. We take cognizance of the safety and health act 1970 in case of any accidents or fatalities and make sure that the employers are faced with stiff fines and penalties as per this act who ignore their responsibility under workplace safety principles.

The family and Medical leave Act of 1993 requires creating a family-friendly workplace environment. Our focus is always on safeguarding the rights of employees therefore our labor lawyers in Dubai provide guidance in this regard to our clients and offer protection in light of this act from being penalized by employers when they want time for a serious medical condition of their own or of a family member. Employers should be respectful towards the time needed by employees for attending their family matters. One of the main functions of the Family and Medical leave Act 1993 to provide employee leaves to eligible employees. We make sure that our clients are fully aware of their rights in any matter of workplace such as their entitlement of leaves and whether these leaves will be paid or unpaid.

Our employment team of registered labor lawyers in Dubai undoubtedly possesses a valid certificate of lawyer and license to practice. Apart from this they are better from the rest with regards to expertise, communication skills, and passion for work. What makes us unique from others is our closeness with clients identified instances of the breach of confidentiality and has a skill of handling it to any extent possible up to logical conclusion.

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