Lawyers in abu dhabi

All emirates in UAE have inflexible moral and ethical codes. Therefore for your survival in UAE you need legal assistance from a good legal attorney. Our law firm has the best and most professional team of lawyers for every sector from criminal lawyer, corporate lawyer, civil lawyer, Debt collectors, and real estate lawyer to family lawyers and many more. We have set eligibility criteria for appointment of legal associates in our law firm hence we have some of the very best legal attorneys providing you assistance across UAE. We ensure to provide our clients with the best in your interest and for attainment of this purpose our law firm has a pool of highly specialized and expert legal associates who strive to work tirelessly for achieving the desired goal. Our legal firm comprises of legal associates in UAE who are best out of best in every aspect such as excellence, skills, experience, potential to multitask, potential of hardworking, each one of them is registered etc. we do not compromise on excellence. Our law firm has been originated with an idea of providing the best.

Be it our lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah or any other city across UAE, we have succeeded in making remarkable history in every field of law. Our lawyers possess in depth knowledge of laws and regulations prevailing in UAE. Also, we work on legal matters with compliance of both legal and ethical requirements. We have trained our legal associates in such a way that they stand out in crowd due to their diligence and their compliance with all the laws and regulations.

Our professional team of legal associates consists of competent family lawyers in Dubai who work passionately while keeping the sensitivity of domestic matters in mind. We follow the principle of confidentiality and ensure our clients that the information and documents provided by them for the purpose of legal proceedings is in safe hands and shall not be used for the personal advantage or advantage of third party or against the interest of our client. Family lawyers are specialized in dealing with matters such as child custody cases, separation/divorce cases, inheritance cases, property and family disputes of any nature etc.  We offer comprehensive guidance on the legal share of both male and female legal heirs regarding the privileges they will be receiving in case of inheritance issue. We especially deal family issues amicably keeping in mind the sensitivity.

Also we have been successfully dealing in debt collection sector over the years. We come to rescue all the entities and sellers who are suffering from debt collection issue across UAE. Where ever you reside our lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah or any other city in UAE are there to assist you with the best. We have professional team of debt collectors who try to solve matter amicably by sending recurring notices to your debtor. If no response is received from the debtor or the debtor is resisting repaying the debt then our team of legal attorneys initiates the legal proceeding against them. Our debt collection department is leading across UAE as we have high rate of successful cases. We make sure that during the process of debt collection by team of our professional attorneys the relationship between the client and debtor is not impaired and their business relationship is not affected anyway. We keep our clients at priority by helping them to recover their debts in an easy manner without any rift between the parties in future.

Similarly, our law firm has vast experience in dealing with employee and employer disputes. We have proficient labor lawyers, also known as employment lawyers, in UAE. Our legal associates in this sector possess in depth knowledge of labor laws and also the Federal laws prevailing in UAE. The main object of labor law is to provide protection of rights to employees residing in UAE. The fundamental duty of our labor lawyer is to provide you with equal opportunity and remove discrimination by employers in male and female employees, physical health and mental wellbeing of employees and measures for security related matters of employees, gratuity related matters, unjustified termination, redundancy, professional leaves etc. As per labor laws the employers are not allowed to amend or interfere with employee’s rights. The employers are under obligation to provide employees with better working conditions and security. The employer shall not discriminate employees on the basis of gender, color, age, disability, race or religion and hence shall not establish different pay scales keeping in mind these factors. Also employees shall be provided with security at workplace especially those which are exposed to hazardous material or where the nature of job is risky.

Like any other country, UAE is also exposed to terror of crime.  In order for treatment of criminal defendants our law firm has some very good skilled and experienced criminal lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Mussafah, Zubarah, Sharjah and almost all the cities of UAE. These legal associates are specialized in criminal law cases and own some very unique qualities such as logical reasoning, good communication skills , both in written and oral, to present you before judge and large public in most appropriate way, in depth knowledge of all criminal laws and last not the least , a license to practice. Our law firm only appoints legal attorneys who are registered and have license to practice in UAE. We do not compromise in the quality of service provided by our firm. We have record of success in criminal cases such as fraud, theft, arson, money laundering, child abuse, drugs cases, abduction, robbery, extortion, illegal activities, defamation, harassment, crimes against women, white collar crimes, forgery, cyber-crimes, dishonor cases, counterfeiting currency, cases involving assault, man slaughter, sexual crimes, shop lifting, burglary, traffic offenses, conspiracies and inchoate crimes. We provide you detailed guidance on the steps we take while initiate legal proceedings. We also briefly guide you regarding relevant criminal laws. However, while defending our client in law court we keep in mind that we are not going against any law and complying with ethical requirements. We critically analyze the facts and figures and using our skepticism performs our duty to best of your interest. It is our duty to gain all proofs and to present them before judge in the most logical and appropriate way.

Whether there is recession or inflation, the business activity of purchasing and selling property never takes a break in UAE. But with activity comes the dispute therefore there is a high ration of business and real estate related disputes across UAE. Our legal lawyers are exceptionally good in dealing with property and real estate related matters. We have successfully dealt with hundreds of clients who seeked our help in their real estate disputes. Our legal associates work as an arbitrator, mediator, and conciliator and also as a legal attorney for conducting legal proceedings with the consent of our client. Our foremost priority is to resolve the case amicable by reaching an out of court settlement to avoid costly expense of legal proceedings. However, if no resolution is reached between the parties the matter is taken to court for legal proceeding by filing a lawsuit. Our property lawyers’ deals with issues such as sales and purchase of real estate, commercial disputes, property lease, development agreements, joint ventures and any dispute related to real estate. Before entering into an agreement, we make the client to thoroughly go through each terms and conditions to avoid any future disputes. We have pride in providing guidance across UAE to contractors, sellers, purchasers, developers, owners, real estate and construction companies. Our lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and all other cities across UAE have been working tirelessly to facilitate their client in the best way.